In a planned unit development such as ours governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and By-Laws, with common areas available to all residents, certain rules and regulations are required so that all residents and co-owners may enjoy their homes in a quiet, peaceful and civil environment.

These Rules and Regulations, duly adopted by your Board of Directors (the “Board”), are authorized by Article VII of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Lexington Commons Subdivision and the First Amendment to same (the "Declaration"), and by Article X, Section 3, of the By-Laws of Lexington Commons Council of Co-Owners, Inc. (the "By-Laws"). These Rules and Regulations are based upon, and are in addition to, those prohibitions and obligations imposed by the Declaration and the Bylaws, which are likewise enforceable as provided herein.


1. All motor vehicles kept, used or owned by co-owners, tenants or residents must be currently registered with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles or with some other state, must be registered with the Corporation, and must display the Lexington Commons' parking decal.

2. All motor vehicles shall be parked in or on the paved concrete areas of Lexington Commons at all times, and not on any grassed areas.

3.  No automobiles shall be repaired or rebuilt in Lexington Commons.

4. Trailers, motorized watercraft, campers and other similar equipment are not permitted at Lexington Commons without the written approval of the Board.  Any small non-motorized watercraft, such as canoes or kayaks, must be stored in areas not visible to the public.


1.  All driveways, sidewalks, roadways and unit entrances must be kept clear of debris, equipment, toys, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, strollers, grills and other similar items at all times, and any such items must be stored in areas that are not visible to the public.

2.  Clothing, mops, rugs and similar items must not be hung or displayed outside of the units or on privacy fences.

3.  All satellite dishes must be installed so that they are not visible to the public.

4.  Except for security signs, one of which per unit is permitted, signs, symbols or advertisements shall not be exhibited or affixed to any door, window, building, fence or entrance in the community unless otherwise approved by the Board.


1. Household trash and garbage must be bagged and shall be disposed of in the designated dumpsters located near the Lexington Commons entrance/exit.

2. Dumpsters are for resident use only and shall be used exclusively for household trash and garbage. Large boxes, construction materials and other similar items must be disposed of at the Lexington County landfill.

3.  Bagged trash or garbage must not be stored outside any unit.

4.  Trash and garbage shall not be allowed to accumulate on the grounds of any unit.


1.  No fireworks, firearms, noisemakers, or weapons of any kind may be discharged or used in Lexington Commons.

2.  All dogs must be leashed at all times while out of doors in Lexington Commons, and cats shall not be allowed to run freely out of doors.

3. Pet owners shall clean up and police any feces deposited by their pets out of doors in Lexington Commons.

4.  No pets are allowed in the gated pool area.

5.  An adult resident must at all times accompany any child under the age of sixteen (16) or any guest using the pool.


1. No painting or exterior alterations of any kind are permitted to any unit without the prior written approval of the Board.

2. Should any painting or exterior alterations as prohibited herein take place without Board approval, the Board shall require the offending co-owner to remedy the problem within sixty (60) days of notice, and should the co-owner fail to do so, the Board may take such action as it deems appropriate to remedy the problem, all expense and cost of such remedial action and repair to be borne by the co-owner


1.  A copy of all leases for Lexington Commons, accompanied by a criminal background check (national in scope), must be provided to the Board or its agent prior to the occupancy of any properly in the development by a tenant. Further, any co-owner seeking to lease his or her property must sign an Agency Appointment appointing the Lexington Commons Council of Co-Owners, Inc as the co-owner's agent for the limited purpose of enforcing these Rules. All persons occupying  property at Lexington Commons in violation of this Rule shall be subject to eviction

2.  All leases shall provide that tenants shall be bound by, and subject to, the Rules and Regulations of the Council in language substantially complying with the following:

  In addition to all the other covenants and conditions of this lease, your tenancy Is governed by the Rules and Regulations of Lexington Commons Council of Co-owners, Inc., a copy of said Rules and Regulations are attached hereto and made a part hereof. Should you violate any of these Rules and Regulations, you will be In default under the lease and shall be required to vacate the premises upon notice of said violation.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations shall be attached to every lease and shall be delivered by the co-owner to the tenant

3. No tenant or any member of tenant's household, o occupant or guest, or other person under the tenant's control shall engage in any criminal activity on the premises of Lexington Commons.


1  Violations of any of these Rules and Regulations or the provisions o1 the Declaration or By-Laws as set out above will result in a $25.00 fine imposed by me Board, and the co-owner shall be liable or responsible for any violations committed by his or her tenant or unit resident

2. Any violations continuing from day-to-day after notice shall subject the co-owner to a daily fine of $25.00

3. The Board reserves the right to provide a notice to correct  to any co-owner before the imposition of any fine for the violation of these Rules and Regulations, or the prohibition set out in me Declaration or By-Laws, the fine to be imposed only after the expiration of the time allowed for correction

4.  Any co-owner aggrieved by the imposition of a fine may protest by written appeal to the Board within ten (10) days of the imposition of the fine, and in such cases, he or she may appear at the next scheduled Board meeting to present his or her appeal to the Board. Thereafter, the Board shall render a written decision on the appeal, and the decision of the Board is final.

5.  Any fine not paid within thirty (30) days of notice shall be subject to a late fee of Fifteen and No/100 Dollars ($15.00) or shall accrue interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) of the unpaid balance per annum, whichever is greater.

6. Co-owners failing to pay fines imposed after notice, or failing to evict his or her tenant for violations of these Rules and Regulations after notice, shall be subject to legal action, and in any such matter referred to an attorney for collection or enforcement, the co-owner shall be liable and responsible for the payment of all attorney's fees and costs in connection with such legal action.

Effective July 15, 2010
Adopted by the Board June 20, 2010